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Holding It Together

Holding It Together

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The modern woman spends her life juggling everything from appointments to an arsenal of essentials. Whether she's running from the gym to the office, or the school run to a lunch date, she's lugging laptops, gym clothes, makeup and a change of shoes. While luxury brands have offered stunning handbags for decades, they're neither roomy nor are they affordable. And don't get us wrong, they have their time and place, it's just that that place isn't crammed into a gym locker or an overhead plane bin.

And don't get us started on the flimsy cotton totes we get for free at fundraisers that disintegrate after two uses and raise eyebrows in the conference room. Ditto the gaping leather tote bags with no top fastening that display the entire contents of our purse to everyone over the height of 5'1" and get ruined the moment we get caught in light drizzle. 

It's time for something functional, stylish and durable to supplement our fancy purses. It's time for a multi-purpose tote that is comfortable to wear even when it's stuffed with our worldly belongings. It's time for a bag that doesn't spill it's contents if it gets kicked over by a screaming toddler. It's time women have a bag that holds up to the daily grind and still looks fabulous—just like them. 

That's why we made this bag. To help you hold it together. 

Introducing The Rennie Tote—a riff on the classic tote bag, featuring an elongated silhouette, innovative top flap that lies flush against the inside of your bag when not in use and a coordinated clutch that fits in the inner pocket or functions as a bag in it's own right. And to breathe a little style into all that functionality, we produced them in '70s corduroys and rugged canvases, which only improve with age. Our bags are also washable and come in a range of sun-bleached colors as an ode to our California heritage.

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